Far-out style. Carefully constructed. Big impact.

Music videos created by music video lovers on a budget minded for indie artists.

Termination Dust – Pull n’ Peel

Sundog – Tiny Bugs

Casey Smith Project – Shattered

Termination Dust – Dawning Hour

Paul Jacks – Casablanca Love

Termination Dust – It’s Not A Place

Strawberry Friend – I Was the Problem

We have a straight-forward design process, focused on providing value to the artist while making a splash with the audience. We have the ability to work with all budgets, big or small. Get in contact with us for your free consultation today.

We begin every music video by hammering out the concept. We talk budget, themes, scope and inspiration. We shotlist and storyboard out the video from beginning to end, so when the shoot day comes we are able to knock out everything we want to achieve and more. Once you are excited about the concept, we schedule our shoot.

We film your video! Depending on scale and scope of the project, we hire crew members and art contractors to cram every inch of style into your music video as possible. The shoot may be one day or multiple days. We’ll bring all the camera gear and lighting packages necessary. All you need to bring is your band and your mastered audio. Once shooting is wrapped, we move on to editing.

We edit your music video to pefection. We aren’t done until it meets our rigourous standards and of course, until you’re more than thrilled with the result. Once finalized, we deliver the completed project alongside complimentary marketing assets, such as 1×1, 9×16 and 16×9 teasers and thumbnails so you can spam your new attention-grabbing music video on all platforms.