Landsick Media

Alaskan Video Production and Photography

Welcome to Landsick Media. We are an Alaskan audio and video production company that specializes in all things creative. From marketing videos to radio advertisements to music videos to filmmaking, we have experience in just about it all. Bringing your project to Landsick Media ensures you will have a product that matches your company's individual brand and meets your goals with a budget that won't make you sick.
Landsick Media is owned and operated by Alaskan filmmaker Quinton Oliver Smith. Smith has been working as a video production specialist for the past decade and specializes in directing, shooting and editing.
Feel free to scroll through our work to see what we've done for companies around the state. Also, make sure to check out our short film and photography sections to see what we do for fun.
Need help with creative? Give us a call at 907-854-5704 or email us at

Thank you!
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